This week's questions:


Taking: A snow day. Just in case you haven't heard,  we are getting a snow storm tomorrow. People posting pics of empty grocery shelves and sharing radar updates from weather channels are driving me crazy! It's Missouri people, we are going to get snow! It's not poison ivy! It melts, we will be fine! I will take my snow day without freaking out, thank you vedy much! ;) 
#KeepCalm there's snow in the forecast tomorrow! WOOHOO!! #meme
Giving: It's a bad sign I can't think of anything for this, isn't it?  Umm..I am NOT giving up anything for Lent?  Oh, here's an positive one: I am NOT giving in to my cravings for a Chocolate Chunk cookie from the Casey's.. They are my FAVORITE. But I haven't had one since 2012 and I miss them. I wave to them every day as I pass them by, just so they know I don't hate them.... 

 Teaching: My kids some classic board games. Tonight, I taught Ryder how to play checkers. So simple, yet so fun! He caught on quickly and we had fun! But when I tried to jump him twice in a row, he put the hammer down and said there was no way that move was allowed. I told him that was fair. We also played connect 4 and bingo. I love watching him learn new things! 

Learning: That I actually CAN love working out. Ever since I discovered that I can read on my Kindle while walking/jogging on the treadmill, I am learning to actually enjoy my work outs. I literally got disappointed today when my time was up! I am so encouraged by this because I have never liked working out before. Let's hope this sticks around! :) 

Looking:  Almost 10 lbs lighter, whhoooop! :) And looking for new running shoes, so if you have a favorite brand, style, please share with me!