5 Things

Found this fun little list of things to fill out about myself over at Melanie's Blog, Sarcasm & Curls. I have about 4 books I want to review, but my creative gumption got up and left this week, so this is the next best thing! 
5 Things...

...you'll find in my bag.

  1. Burt’s Bees

  2. Wristlet/Wallet

  3. Fruit Snacks in some cartoon’s shape

  4. Blackberry

  5. My Kindle Fire...you never know when you'll get 5 minutes alone to read (or lets be honest, play one of those games with the disappearing colored balls), gotta be ready!

...you'll find in my bedroom. 
  1. A fan. I can't sleep without one
  2. Jewelry
  3. Clothes…everywhere
  4. Books
  5. A blanket I’ve had for well over 15 years (insert pycho analysis of dependency here)

...I've always wanted to do.
  1. Go to Paris
  2. Write a book
  3. Disappear for a day and do whatever I wanted without an agenda or responsibility
  4.Become a runner

  5. Random acts of kindness for my birthday

...I'm currently loving.

  1. Hot green tea with 1 packet of Splenda

  2. White Citrus lotion from Bath & Body Works
  3. John Mayer Pandora Station
  4. Laughing Cow Cheese wedges

...quirks I have.
  1. I bite on the inside of my cheeks when I am concentrating, giving myself fish lips. 
  2. I play with my hair incessantly
  3. My ears are extremely sensitive and tiny noises like finger nail clippers and chewing make me really mad

  4. I have never in my life finished a whole stick of Chapstick/gloss because I lose them

5. I wiggle my fingers together when I get excited