Hungover or Flu, it's a toss up. Plus, Grammys

My thoughts on the Grammys

Blake Shelton didn't win enough.

I couldn't hear enough of Miranda but I plan to Youtube/Itunes that genius.

Speaking of genius, we should just call the program the Alicia and Adam Levine show.

Whenever Ross Matthews talked on the red Carpet, I kept looking around for the girl whose voice I was hearing.

I had the random thought that the Mumford and Sons singers would probably smell like warm hay while they were performing.

I couldn't tell which was bigger, Katy Perry's boobs or hair.

Beyonce's pants were the biggest disappointment I've had since finding out how many calories are in a McD's frappe.

I could have gone deaf and been happy after hearing the Adam/Alicia performance. Perfection.


Okay, so that's enough of that. I took so many pictures of my "happenings" this weekend and excited to show you! 

This weekend, the stars/dates aligned and I crammed more events into Friday and Saturday than I usually do in 6 months. 

Friday, I went to a Bachelorette party. It's hard to choose, but I'd have to say the best part about bachelorette parties is that you don't ever have to buy your drinks.

The first bar we went to, I sat next to an older man who asked us what the occasion was. I told him and he promptly bought us a bottle of wine. 
He then told me how much he loves to travel with his wife and rides his bike in the cities he goes to. He said "never pass up a chance to ride a bicycle through Paris or Prague, honey, it's truly extraordinary."
He was so sweet. 

The next night, the husband and I went to KCMO to see our favorite country band, The Randy Rogers Band perform.  Our kids went with us to KC and stayed with my sister. They were happy to get rid of us I think.

Our hotel,  The Q, was beautful

A quick dinner before the concert: Diner style burgers and music. 

The band, bringing down the house. I sang every word to every song. 

Now, though, I am paying for all of this, because either I am still a little hungover and sleep deprived, or I am coming down with the flu. As I type, my throat feels more and more on fire and my chest aches. I hope I'm just paying my dues for acting like a college kid, but I have a feeling it's more than that.

If I get the flu, I know a few things will happen.
One, my husband will probably break into my blogger account and write a post about my "woman flu" to get back at me for this post. 
Two,  I will be doing nothing but blogging, Youtubing Adam LeVine and Alicia Key's performance, catching up on blogs and Pinterest browsing. 

Hey, don't forget about the Tiffany give a way! 

And hey, it's my birthday week, so that's pretty cool, I guess. 
Wednesday, I have a date with a cake decorated by a couple cute kiddos :)