My favorite spots in my house

Just wanted to share a few snap shots of my favorite places inside my house! 

This wall is the result of hours and hours on Pinterest and in Hobby Lobby. 

This area is my favorite. What's a doorway with makeshift shelves doing in the middle of a wall you might ask? It used to be the doorway to a garage, before we bought it. I use it to showcase some of favorite things and to bring some pops of color into the dining room. Most of the pottery are pieces I find in Hobby Lobby, Target and a local store in the Kansas City area call Nell Hills. 

This bench from Target has been my new favorite thing. I just like to stare at it. And it's functional. No more hats, gloves and whatever else laying by the door! I also love the window pane shelf. I've been trying to keep up with decorating it with seasonal stuff, hence the mushy Valentine's Day motif :) 

What are your favorite spots?