My Week's Pit & Peak


I love when I start to write this post and have to try hard to think of a pit but can think of more than one thing to put as the Peak of my week! 

The Pit was probably having to spend entirely too much money replacing the kids' underwear. Why you may ask? Because our dog, K.C., won't stop eating them. She's a panty addict. And want to know something gross? She only eats the butt crack part out. My kids' underwear are all crotchless, pretty much. That's something a mother doesn't ever want to say about her kids' underwear. 
Is this normal? 
Granted, at least I know where I can find all the dirty laundry when I need to start a load: under the dining room table, where the dog hoards her findings.
I mean, who doesn't have a pile of crotchess panties under their dining room table? oh, just me? that's cool....

The Peak! 
Thursday would most definitely have to be my Peak. 
Number one, because I got to come home early thanks to Snow-maggedon '13. 
I did laundry, picked up the house and read for a straight hour in my cozy bed. In the peace and quiet (it was the kids' afternoon at their grandma's). It was almost too good to be true! 
I also got to use my birthday present for the first time: 

And I made this! 

Simple Honey Bread

I am going to post the recipes for this and some awesome, easy, oven potatoes soon! 

And then the fun of Snow Day 2013 continued when the kids got home and we bundled up and headed outside :) 

Meet the panty eater

It's been a pretty okay week so far, I would say! 

Saturday, R1 has a wrestling tournament, and I will be making Scotcheroos for the tournament's concession stand and experimenting with more bread recipes. Do you have a favorite bread recipe? Share it with me!