Pit and Peak!


Why do I love Fridays?
Because this is my favorite post to write,
Because I am wearing leggings to work right now
Because we're going to visit my sisters this weekend
Because I have curly hair today.

Look at me, being all sun shiney, lookin' on the bright side today! :)

Okay, here's the nitty gritty: 

The Pit of my week: 
Having a job and responsibilities. Sarcastically speaking, I would much prefer to live in a high rise apartment where no on could find me, fully furnished with comfy throw pillows, low lighting, flattering mirrors, one of those beds that hangs from the ceilings I've seen on Pinterest and a doorman who brings me coffee, wine, and Laughing Cow swiss cheese wedges with Wheat Thins. 

I usually get this way when I have a good book to read. I don't want to do anything but just lounge around and read. I tried reading a couple pages while I blew dry my hair yesterday morning and I got so into the book my hair started smoking. True story. My multi-tasking just got hazardous. 

So in short, the pit of my week has been realizing, over and over, that I actually have a life and can't spend my days reading about post apocalyptic Chicago, simulation serums and young love. (Writing that makes Divergent seem seriously weird. But I promise you, it's good!) 

Okay, so my Peak! The best part! I have to say that it's got to be the fact that this blog is becoming something so fun! It's my little piece of the world and I am enjoying every minute of it. In December, I had put one of my goals for the new year to expand my blog friends, reach and out and meet new people, and strive to write posts with good content that actually give something worth reading. I've created my weekly book round up, overcame my self esteem issues and reached out to do give a ways and network with other blogs and I have more followers than I could have ever imagined, which is just the first layer of the cake. The icing on it, however, is that these blogs I read, these smiley faces on Twitter, are all some of the funniest, most interesting people I have ever met! Talk about a peak! 

Hey, go have yourselves a wonderful weekend! If you see me, I will be carrying around my Kindle Fire, trying to probably cook, drive or text while reading. :)