Baby Reveal Party

Saturday night we had the pleasure of finding out the gender of my sister's baby with all of our friends and family. If there's one thing my sister knows how to do (besides take amazing photographs and decorate, yes she stole all the cool hobby/talent genes) my sister can plan one awesome party. 

This was no exception. The theme for the party was "Bow or Beau?" with lots of hair bows and mustaches! 

My sister thinks of all the details when she throws a party...example: her perfect nails. 

Pink and blue candies, balloons and tableclothes, plus a list of all the old wives' tales that told Jess she was most likely having a boy..and the pins for people to wear representing what gender they thought Baby Santo would be. (Majority vote: Boy) 

Jessica and her husband Tony had an ultrasound on Friday and had the ultrasound tech put the gender in a sealed enveloped. Then Jessica took the envelop to a store and left. The workers opened the envelop, picked the appropriate color of balloons and put them in a box and sealed it.  After everyone got to the party, it was time to open the box! 

IT'S A................


Can you tell she's a little excited?? 

I want to remember the happiness on her face when those pink balloons appeared for the rest of my life. That's what pure happiness looks like, folks. :)

Congrats, guys! 

I can't wait to meet sweet little Lucy Wynn in July! 

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