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Happy Hump Day! 

I have mentioned this before but I just wanted to share again how much blogging has saved my life in the fashion department.  I have to dress business-ish for work and struggle to add originality to outfits, 5 days a week. And like I said, fashion has never been my forte. I basically buy whatever "new arrivals" Old Navy has to offer online and call it good. Without meaning to, I've collected quite the closet full of cardigans, printed tank tops and sweaters.  I should also mention that I may as well be color blind because almost all of the above mentioned pieces are black or some shade of charcoal. 

I never claimed to be a fashion blogger and will never do a post giving fashion/clothing advice. But I have learned how to spot a cute thing when I see one and you'd have to live in a blogging hole to not notice the beautiful bubble style, Anthropologie inspired necklaces that are everywhere. I love them for lots of reasons but mostly, I love them because they add so much to a simple outfit. I may have a lot of gray but I can sure make it look brighter by adding a turquoise statement necklace now!

I pine for the outfits bloggers post with bright stripes and colored skinnies.
I did buy a chambray "camping" shirt and always feel super cool when I wear it. 
(I am so still a wanna be cool 7th grader at heart) 

So until I get the guts and the know how to put brightly colored, multi-pattern outfits together, I decided to start out slow and spice up the outfits I already have with some bright accessories. 
I scoured Etsy for hours looking for the perfect bubble necklace that said 
"Hey look at me, I know what's trendy right now!" 
Without being too stuffy, heavy or saying
"I really want people to think I read Vogue" 
(which I do but only because a older lady from work gives me her subscriptions and I like to smell the perfume samples). 

I am so excited to share what I found on Etsy: Beadsbee Boutique:

Cute right?! 
And look at me, wearing a bright color! 

So to celebrate my new found fashionista side, Beadsbees is helping me by giving one That's What She Read reader  their Lime Green Anthropologie  necklace! 

Check out the Rafflecopter below and come back on Monday to see if you won! 

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