Bookworms Go Out On The Town

How about a good ol' fashion "photo dump?"

Because what you get when you take 5 friends, 2 adjoining rooms in a fancy hotel, drinks, shopping and plenty of time to do whatever you want is pretty hard to sum up with words. 

The girls on the last leg of our 3 hour fondue marathon dinner at the Melting Pot.
Side note: We did the math and between our group, there are 10 little ones all under the age of 5! 

For starters: Two decadent cheese fondues (spinach & artichoke swiss and beer cheddar)  

Our dessert: One pot of flaming pecans in a caramel, chocolate and rum fondue and one pot of chocolate and peanut butter goodness:

With strawberries, cheesecake, rice krispies, bananas, red velvet brownies and cookie covered marshmallows to dip. I can't begin to describe the holy goodness that was this dinner! 

Not to mention the giddy schoolgirl giggles that were taking over our corner of the restaurant as we confessed little secrets, told embarrassing stories and probably solved some major world problems...

The next morning, I woke up and went down to the hotel lobby by myself to enjoy the even finer things in life...

I read and  drank for a straight hour with no interruptions, with a little bit of people-watching mixed in. 
I kept looking around, waiting for someone to recognize my state of bliss. But luckily, no one bothered me.

Then the girls all met up for breakfast and got ready for a shopping marathon.
Some got massages while the rest of us shopped.
Anthropologie, The Paper Source, Sperry's, Victoria's Secret, MAC, Barnes and Noble and many more....

And I am saving the pictures of my MAC make up hull for a separate post! 

There's really no price that can be put on such an amazing get a away with some of my favorite people! (Which is good, because I hate buyer's remorse and didn't keep any of my shopping receipts!)