Stop...It's Pamper Time

So once upon a time, in a far off land,

Okay who are we kidding.

Yesterday, I was the kind of girl who never did spa treatments or took long baths.

I have the 10 minute shower down to a science.

But then a couple months ago, my blog BFF Mallory wrote a post about why women should shave their legs more often.

And ever since then, I kept thinking, I am going to be one of those woman who pampers herself and shaves on a regular basis. 

I am pretty low maintenance and don't require much to get by with, just a few essentials, but I really do love trying new things! Here's a quick collage of a low maintenance girl's must haves: 

  1. Pond's Moist Make Up Remover Wipes
  2. Mary Kay Mineral Foundation
  3. Organix Moroccan Argan Oil
  4. Clean and Clear Morning Glow Moisturizer
See? I am pretty simple. But since reading Mallory's post, I've probably doubled the amount of girly/spa like items in my bathroom and I gotta say, I'm not hating it. 

Why can't a simple girl just take an hour for a bubble bath now and then? So a couple of days ago I saw a pin on Pinterest on how to make your own shaving lotion. And I thought, "Hey, I could handle that!"

Plus, I reread Mallory's post and these words reminded me that every woman deserves a bath: 

"Shouldn't we as women take pride in ourselves? We spend so much of our days dedicated to others, whether as mother's or wives, sisters or friends, that so little time is left for us."

So I decided to make the shave lotion and take an hour long spa/bath.
  • Yankee Buttercream Candle? Check
  • Lavender Epsom Salts? Check
  • Country Hits on Pandora Radio? Check
  • DIY Shave Gel? Check

Here's what I used to make my legs incredibly soft, so you can have an overindulging bath hour too!  It's a pretty good recipe and it's fun to pick out what scents you think will go great together. This combo smells amazing! The recipe below makes about 20 oz of shave lotion, for under $10.00

It's bath time!