My Uber Cute Preggo Sister

I've introduced you guys to my sister before, here, when she showed off her super cool house and showed a Wall Art DIY and here, when she threw a gender reveal  party! I showed her off because she's wonderfully creative, pretty stylish and super sweet, all without trying very hard. Everything cool she does, she just seems to "whip up."
(Please note: We didn't really become friends until after she left for college. She told everyone in high school we were just cousins. I forgive her and I hope she forgives me for all the crap I did).

Well, you know what is cuter than a naturally artsy and creative woman?
A PREGNANT naturally artsy and creative woman.

See what I mean? 
And she leaves pics like this on my Facebook wall: 

Because those are the cutest shoes ever.
And yes, that's pink in her hair.

Sigh. I didn't get the cool girl gene. She stole it from me. I want a redo. 

Now I have to show you the cuteness that is Miss Lucy's nursery. 

(one of these days I promise to clean and organize MY kids' room and show them off as well.)
Ok, but seriously, that probably won't happen.

To see more of Jessica's nursery for her baby girl, follow her on Pinterest.
She's also a professional photographer and has really great boards with clothing inspiration for photo shoots (coordinating outfits, anyone?) and great ideas for wedding and engagement sessions! 

I love her so much, and I bet you would too! :)