Pit and Peak Link UP!


Hi Guys! 
I wish I could have had time to do a vlog this week, but tonight is the first night I have been home all week and didn't have time. Plus, if I still did have time, you would run screaming from your computer if this girl showed up on your screen. It's a mess. Hair is scary, bags are under the eyes and I've got that crazy look you get when you're stressed beyond belief and you haven't slept soundly in days. 

And I kinda want to keep my friends around here so scaring you all with my hot mess-ness is not the way to go. :) 

The Pit this week, is like  I said: I have been gone every day and night this week. I am spent. And not in a good way. This weekend, my department's biggest event is happening. We're having over 600 people for dinner for a fundraiser. It's big for us and the whole thing just sits like a big brick elephant statute on my chest all week until Saturday night, at like, 11:50 p.m. when it's all over and I am driving home. Sunday? I DON'T WANT TO MOVE.

The Peak? Probably just that this week is almost over. And it's also been fun to be a part of a lot of fun bloggy things going on! I hosted a book swap and hooked up 34 great ladies with partners and new friends, LOTS of you linked up for my Bloglovin Hop,  I'm giving away a great necklace on Monday, plus $125 cash and great gifts with Allie and her sponsors, I just signed up for a flip flop and polish swap and my BBFF Jess has a great link up idea starting! It's a good week to be a blogger, friends! 

Another peak I want to share is reading this: 

It's a page from The Fire Starter Sessions: A Soulful + Practical Guide to Creating Success on Your Own Terms by Danielle LePorte

And it's just really great to read. I'm learning about myself and sometimes it's great to see in writing that no matter what my aspirations are, as long as they are mine and they make me tick, that's all that matters! It puts a smile on my face every night when I read it before bed! 

Happy Friday Friends!