Pit & Peak Link Up!



I can't even tell you how happy I am that it is Friday! 

Pit of the week would have to be my work being busy, busy, busy. It's at a point where if I don't write down what I need to get done that day each day, I constantly feel like I am forgetting something! Not to mention, earlier this week I hit reply to all, instead of forward on an email and THAT STORY NEVER ENDS WELL. 

My Peaks are endless this week! First, there's this : 
Wendy Lawless read my review about HER BOOK.
I have these visions of the two of us becoming besties, where I fly into New York and we talk about books and how I can become a published author someday too, all over coffee in a trendy little shop.  And since I am in fact completely sane and know that this will not ever happen, I will settle for encouraging and wonderful tweets from an author I admire. (But don't go crushing my dreams :) 

And there's another peak of my week that hasn't even happened yet! 
This cutie patootie: 

(AKA, my big sister, Jessica,) is finding out what she's having!

We are driving to her house in Kansas City tomorrow for a gender reveal party! 

I am saying BOY! 

Also this week, I created a Facebook page for That's What She Read! So if that's how you like to follow along, like away! :)

Happy Friday, Friends!