It's Friday Ya'll

And I know what mine and probably EVERY ONE else's pit was this week:

Source: Sherrie on Pinterest

I literally woke up on Monday (and Tuesday)
feeling like death was knocking on my door.
Everyone was walking around on Monday in a sleep deprived funk. So I fit right it, thank God.

someecards.com - Most people recover from deadly diseases better than I recover from daylight savings.

The daycare worker called me at work on Monday morning and told me Reese was having a meltdown
 I had to get on the phone with my poor 2 1/2 year old and talk her off a ledge. 
Poor thing was a zombie! 
someecards.com - Daylight Savings Time - Proudly giving parents the finger since...FOREVER.

My Peak is my new haircut! 
What is it about a new do that makes you feel like you're in a Pantene commercial?
How many  takes do you think it takes for them to get the hair to fall so perfectly? 

someecards.com - Just got a haircut if anyone wants to start a serious long term relationship.

Never mind that it took 4 and a half hours.
I get to sit, chat, read, tweet and get my head massaged.
It's amazing what new layers and some highlights can do for me! 

someecards.com - So I got me a haircut... Bitches love haircuts  

So that's really all I have folks, short and sweet. 

Another peak of this week is that I have JACK crap planned this weekend, other than indulging in some Reubens! I love celebrating holidays that I have no business celebrating due to my lack of authentic heritage.

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