Pit & Peak Vlog!


I swore after the mental anguish and embarrassment that I went through the first time I did a vlog 
that I would never do one again.  
But alas, here I am again. (I've convinced myself that my dorky-ness is 85% just in my head now)
Last time, I made the video in my room, with the phone propped up against a leaning tower of pillows. 
I tried the same tactic this time and it wasn't working. 
So I was getting frustrated and really embarrassed at how stupid I looked so close up and cropped in my 5th video attempt when the husband came in and asked me why my face was so red. 
So, finally I just let him hold the dang camera phone. 
So now he, along with who ever sees this, 
can see me in all my dork, weird facial expressions and googly-eyed glory. 

My Pit and Peak Link Up Vlog Numero Dos: 

And no, that's no a prison costume.
It's actually a pretty cute pull over shirt but in the video, I look like I am pleading the fifth or something. 

And yes, I put on more concealer under my eyes and little bit of gloss before I started the video.

Because I am a hot mess anytime after 7:30 p.m. and I don't want to scare anyone.