Poetry Scarf Tutorial

There are a couple things I am currently obsessed with.
  1.  Scarfs (I have to make myself NOT wear one at least once a week so people don't start thinking I am hiding hickies or something...) 
  2.  Handwriting. Case in point, my lamp redo.  My eyes are just instantly drawn to handwritten letters and fabric, so when I saw a friend who had a scarf on with handwriting on it, I fell in love. She got it as a Christmas gift and it had passages from Pride and Prejudice on it. HELLO. She said she thought it was from Etsy.

I looked on Pinterest and found a blog with a tutorial. I bought some supplies and am pretty excited to show it off! 

I tried to take some selfies in the mirror for you of me wearing it but I couldn't get it to work  right (blogger fail). Plus, the only mirror that would work is in R2's room, which is  a PIT and I didn't feel like picking it up to look nice in the background of the photo. :)  Ain't nobody got time for that!

So here's what you need and how you do it: 

  1. A scarf. The fabric from the scarf I got HERE on Amazon, worked really great. The ink didn't bleed and it's a nice light weight fabric. 
  2. Fabric Markers - The ones I found on Amazon were cheap. They are a little hard to write with, so practice first. Also, it's really important that you lay your scarf flat and use your other hand or maybe a book to secure a piece of it so you can hold the area you are writing on tight. 
  3. Cardboard (or something hard you don't care gets marker on) to lay underneath the scarf. The ink bleeds through.
  4. Iron
  5. The most important part: THE WORDS! I had fun thinking of all the beautiful letters, poems or stories I could write on my scarf and finally chose one of my favorite poems by E.E. Cummings:

  1. So just lay your scarf out flat on top of a piece of cardboard or hard surface.
  2. Hold the marker, tip down on a piece of paper and press down until the tip is saturated in the ink.
  3. Make sure the scarf's surface is taunt when you begin to write or the fabric will move around too much and bunch up. I wrote pretty big, but you can do whatever you want! 
  4. Let the ink dry for about 15 minutes
  5. With the iron set on cotton, iron the entire scarf, making sure to cover all the ink. 


Have you ever made a handwritten scarf?  If you plan to make one, I want to see it, so remember to share it with me!