Why I Blog

So I have had this "draft" in my post line up for.ever.
Just sitting there, waving at me, like "helllo friend, remember when you titled me and left me hanging?"

So here I am, revisiting the post, that was sitting there for months with only the title

"Why I Blog" written.

So I wrote. And then I thought, well this is a lot of text.

So I broke it up some great words in pictures.


Why do I blog? Because I need a reminder of who I am.
 I get lost sometimes.
 I work, I wife, I mother, I run errands, I cook, I clean and up until last 
July, I did that all without ever nurturing my brain, my mind or my creativity.
 But when I started my blog, it was like brain food. Link ups with questions, telling people about myself, giving my opinion, it was all a wake up call to what was missing: my creativity and my personality!

 I have to remind myself a lot about how it felt to start my blog and all those great feelings about getting my thoughts out of my brain and in front of me. Remembering that keeps me on the road of doing it for me, which in turn, gives back because the friends  I meet are all genuine friends. 

I blog because even if I am messing up or failing, I can probably still find support and encouragement by sharing my feelings and being honest.

But sometimes sharing your feelings and being a dork out there for all to read is scary.
You should have felt my heart rate the night I posted my vlog. 

Sometimes I get that feeling from back in the day when you walked into the cafeteria in middle school, when you couldn't stop adjusting your clothes or crossing your arms in front of chest. Insecurity with a capital "I hope no one is watching me but I'd be happy if they were, I think..."

I've even deleted some posts I wrote that were really "Debbie Downer-ish" because I didn't want people to think I was a complainer. But I AM a complainer, and if I would have left them up, I could have probably bonded with someone over our common miseries. 

I blog because I need to test myself not to be scared anymore.
I need to learn how to write what I feel and own it. 

And what if....what if by chance there are more women out there who have the same feelings I do, what if I have the opportunity to connect over motherhood, funnily inappropriate memes, marriage rants, anxiety, depression, uncertainty? Those all are things that are exponentially better when shared with another person. 

I want to challenge myself to write with good intent, not for attention.

I blog because there are people out there, potential friends, that I may never know but with whom I can connect with based on our common interest and shared humor.

I live in the middle of no where. Now why would I give up that chance to know people thousands of miles a way but who still can make me laugh, think and find new things to love?

The only reason why I wouldn't blog is because there are people who blog for attention or to spread little seeds of crabbiness about.  Why would you give up the opportunity to connect with new people to instead appear unapproachable? Why would you pass judgement or assume the worst in people?  

Imagine that each blog is a like a person's balloon. Red, purple, perfectly round or squiggly shaped, they are all different. 
And your balloon is your balloon, and when someone puts a pin hole in it, that sucks no matter who understands.

But Crabby Crabinas, Wendy Whines and Debbie Downers aren't enough to take away my Up house, and no matter who tweets passive aggressive remarks and sarcastic winky faces, I'll keep on blogging because I need my creativity fix.

I blog because there's an unfollow button for everything that is followable. Plus, it doesn't hurt to dare to stick up for yourself once in a while.

I blog to discover my feelings about a book by letting my reactions to the words appear on the screen in front of me.

There's nothing more exhilarating than watching your feelings form sentences as your fingers go crazy trying to keep up with your thoughts.

I blog because when someone tells me they read my blog, I can feel the blush rushing to my cheeks and the pride swelling in my chest about this little space I call home where I can be myself. 

I blog because if something makes me smile or think or moves me, I want to share it and be part of the reason someone else is smiling too.