Pit and Peak!

No Vlog this Friday, friends
"cause what you've got right here is a hot mess!
But that doesn't mean I'm giving up the chance to high light my Pit & Peak this week!
My pit? hmmm this may be a TMI, but I'm going to give the (non)glory to my wonderful cold sore this week. Dear cold sore, You are the epitome of a pit. I hate you. Thanks to you, everyone at work thinks I have a wierd fetish with my hands because I always have them near my mouth, trying to cover you up.  Besides the fact that I am still traumatized by the memories of being called Herpes Girl when I'd get them as a teenager, I am sent into a self conscious frenzied hot mess each time I get one of these things on my lip. Why must these things be a part of life? UGH.
Sorry. I suddenly feel closer to you now, can you feel it too??
My Peak has some thing to with these numbers:
2, 7 & 16
2: the number of shirt sizes I'm down!
7: the amount of minutes I am now able to run without stopping! Now, I know that's not astronomical, but for this girl, it's huge! When I started from scratch in January, I couldn't even walk over 2.5 mph without getting a little winded. This week, I've been running consistantly at 5.5 for 7 minutes without missing a stride. I have to stop and appreciate these milestones to give myself more motivation to keep going! My sister Brooke is an avid runner and is set on us running a 5k this summer together, so I can wait!
16: the amount of pounds I've lost since January! WHOOP! I am so happy and excited about this! It's a huge accomplishment and exciting because I feel like I'm just getting  started with jogging and have really felt a difference in my appetite being smaller.  It's a great feeling and I hope I can keep it up!
Another Peak is that this little blog is about to get a huge make over, thanks to Katie at
I am so excited and happy with what's she's created!
I also wanted to share that since I've started this link up,
I now ask the kids at the dinner table what their Pits and Peaks of their days were.
Reese usually says that her Peak was that she didn't pee her pants. The girl's been potty trained for a good 6 months, so I really don't know why this still surprises her, but whatever!
Ryder's Peak usually consists of his dad picking him up from school or getting to play his Nintendo.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if our Peaks as adults were so simple!?
Happy Friday Friends!
If you need me this weekend, you won't have to look too far. We've got NO PLANS!
So if I'm not playing legos, cleaning up after 2 kids or watching Dora the Explorer, you can find me on the couch with my book and a canned Margarita. :)