The Face Behind This Blog

a traveling Wife

The Faces Behind The Blogger
What a fun concept! 
I sure talk alot about books, my kids, and everything else
But now that I think about it, I don't really share that much about what makes me, me.

I am a mother.

My children popped into my life before I even knew that teething was an event that caused mental distress and fevers (and it's hard on the baby, too!). I learned fast though. 
I try to teach my kids something new every day, whether it's ways to be polite or what happens when you microwave a marshmallow. (seriously, though. Try it, it's awesome)
Most times though, I find that they teach me much more. Especially unconditional love, simple happiness and how to make a large mess in a short amount of time. 

I am a family member

I have a total of 7 brothers and sisters (a beautiful mix of halves, steps and all) with more in laws, nieces and nephews to count.

My stepdad/buddy Jay. He willingly supports my habits. 

My mom and dear friend. I feel like BFF/Partner In Crime is a better term, but Mom works pretty good too :)

My BFF Sister and I have been together from the start.
(Except when she was embarrassed of me in high school and I was forced to play the role as her crazy cousin)

I am a friend 

These 2 are the ones who've known me the longest, outside of my family.
Elementary, middle school, high school and college are all things we tackled together.
Maybe we jumped off roofs onto inflatable coaches, maybe we replace the vodka in her parents' liquor cabinet with water...and then again...maybe we didn't .... 

(I feel the need to explain right here that this was my 21st birthday party so that you will feel a little more inclined to forgive the goofy smiles :)

My book club gals. Love them so much! 

I am a crafter

I am emotional

I cry when my kids do something cute/sweet/smart. I cry when a good contestant sings their heart out on singing competitions. I cry during commercials with slow music. I cry when I have to speak in front of large crowds. (Like literally, cry, in the middle of whatever I am saying. My cheeks start trembling and I just cry. I usually try and pass it off as a running nose but I doubt I fool anyone)

I am a goof ball
Especially if I am nervous. Being a goofball also means that I break out into songs or British accents pretty regularly. It also apparently means that I can't take a normal/serious selfie to save my life.
When in doubt, smile like a dork. 

I am a bookworm

Always have been and always will be. 

I like fun
I like to have fun with my kiddos.
You want to make wings out of balloons? Sure, buddy

You want to wear a crazy hat to school? Help yourself.

You want to dress up like a fuzzy, disheveled princess? I'll help! 

You want me to cut up my favorite t-shirt and make a super man cape for you? Consider yourself flying, young man.

You want to sit outside and watch the cars go buy? I'll pull up a seat too. 

Other random facts:
Everyone who knows me knows I love ketchup and hate cucumbers, my house is usually a mess, I'm a horrible driver and I like wine. 
Socks are never matched, the trash only gets taken out when it's overflowing, I doodle on everything while I'm on the phone, even if it's not paper (sorry about your shoe) and I play with my hair ALOT. 

And that's me!