Weekend Shenangans

How is it Monday already? 

Today I actually had a little pep in my step and 
woke early, got dressed and ready before any one else even woke up and was out the door right on time.
I can only brag about it now that it's over with because
if I would have acknowledged it this morning,
I would have jinxed it! 

Today I am linking up with 
this cutie pie 

To tell you about my weekend!

It started on Friday with my day off.
I shopped til I dropped and had a fantastic day.
I decided to join the 21 Century and got this little lovely thing: 

I knew it was time when I burnt a c.d. on Friday.
Do people actually even do that anymore? 

So the Ipod led to an arm strap for running, which led of course led me to a new running pull over thingy at Target.
It even had little pockets to put the Ipod 
and those awesome loops for my thumbs.
I got all dressed and ready for a run with my earphones, Ipod and running gear on Sunday.
And I also felt like a "poser" but hey, I ran! 
Cause nothing says runner than a bunch of stretchy fabric right?


Good thing I had some amazing tunes.
Describing my weekend wouldn't be complete without sharing with you what I listened to

Every song is beautiful and I can't help but sing along.
To everyone on Interstate 29 who was entertained by my sing-a-long antics, you are welcome for the visual treat. 

With words like this, 
how can you help but sing along?

When I wasn't posing, singing at the top of my lungs or shopping, I celebrated Hoppy Easter with these two cuties:

If you're wondering why R1 has a creeper look on his face,
I'd have to respond "What else is new?"
He always does that look...I just go with it.

And this is a conversation R2 and I had about the Easter Bunny.

Me: "Reese, are you excited to see the Easter Bunny today?"
Reese: "Does the Easter Bunny has boobies?"
Me: "No, but it has big ears."
Reese: "Den, (then) No. I just want da candy."

A creeper and a boob fetish.
My kids rule.
Saturday night the husband and I went to a wedding reception for a couple who got married in Vegas last month. After looking at the photo above and this one, I think I've cracked the mystery on where our son got his "creeper" look: 

Nice one, hubs.

I also got in some great reading this weekend.
Right now, I'm reading Something About Sophie, a book I'm writing a review for NovelEscapes.com

After that, I can't wait to start this: 

Written by Lauren Graham, a.k.a. Loralai Gilmore from Gilmore Girls.
I got my copy of the book in the mail on Friday and about cried. It's just so cool to get books FOR FREE and someone asking you to read it and share your opinion on it.
Can you say Dream Job? 

The publisher sent me a copy of the book and it giving two of my readers a copy as well
when I review it!
I am soooo excited and honored! 

That's it for this week's 

Have a great week!