Weekend Shenanigans!

How about a good ol' fashion photo dump? 
This weekend was totally uneventful, unless you count numerous trips to the park, doing my nails and reading  action! But never the less, it was relaxing! 

Added some springtime decor to the dining room table! 

Just happened to have the polish on hand to try a Pinterest pin. 1 coat of gel activator, a coat of Essie Good To Go top coat and 2 coats of polish. I thought it turned out pretty good and looked better than just regular polish alone. 

Sounds likes we have another week of bad weather ahead of us. The "spring" has been a crock so far. Rain, wind and 40 degree weather is NOT what I had in mind! I am itching for open windows, grilling out and playing outside with the kiddos! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!