4 Favorites!

I was so excited to find this 4 Favorites Link Up, I needed some major inspiration for a post! I've been in a rut lately, so this is perfect because I get to look at fun, pretty things to share with you and it's short and simple! Here are 4 things that have been at the top of my favorites list lately! 

The Boyfriend watch from Coach. MUST HAVE. I'd probably do nothing but check the time and stare if I had this pretty on my wrist...

Bai Square Retro Wall Clock...okay there's a small chance that this beauty surpassed window shopping and is literally headed to my wall in the next couple of days...but it's an essential item...because one must always know the time! (Excuses are a girls' best friend)

Smash Books. Yes. Please. It's chaos and creativity all compact in a fun loving book. I can't wait to fill this scraptastic album with my keepsakes, favorite quotes and more! 

And last but not least, a quote from Tyler Knott. Because he's my heart's hero when it comes to putting feelings on paper. 

Oh! I just thought of a couple more favorite things: Cuddle time with my bestie:

And these songs I have been listening to on repeat: 

What are 4 things you are loving lately? 
Happy Hump Day!