A fictional story....

In the busyness of that Tuesday morning, there were cars in the bank drive thru, a phone company truck was being loaded and in the distance, a car horn sounded. Everyone was going about their daily lives, minute by minute. Too busy to see anything out of the ordinary.

Because what is ordinary about the end of a marriage? There was nothing normal about what was happening to them. They stood in the parking lot, his hands, homeless, stuffed in his pockets.

The tears that had been leaking out, the ones she was able to keep at bay inside the lawyer’s office overtook her and sobs seized her lungs and escaped in a choking sound.

“You okay, pretty girl?” he said.

She wanted to look away because she remembered he had told her she was beautiful when she cried. This was anything but beautiful.

She reached out and put her arms tightly around his neck and whispered the words that were desperately swirling around in her mind.

"I will always respect you. I fee like this is out of our control at this point...I just want us to be happy."

He told her he hoped he could believe it someday and the little piece of light, of hope, that was left inside of her flickered, waved a flag of promise. That someday he would see it. Someday he would see that her incapableness was her own warfare.

The years spent not nurturing their marriage, her selfishness, his aloofness and assumptions that everything is always as it should be, they were all weapons.

She surrendered.

She knew she lacked the effort, the heart and the conscious to keep fighting. She knew she wasn’t worth it. She wanted to stop hurting. And the sadness of it all is that the only way she knew how to stop was to get off the track altogether and go another direction.

On that busy Tuesday morning, no one noticed the breaking of two hearts, the desperate embrace, the hurried, whispered words and the end of a story that had once such a promising ending.

The only redeeming thing about the story are two little souls that will go on living, knowing they are loved unconditionally by their parents, whose parents will continue to use their love that had once been for each other to nurture the children and raise them with more love than any child could ask for.