Books For Mother's Day

Mother's Day is just around the corner so I just wanted to share some of my favorite books about moms! 

Favorite Line: "Mom likes quiet, she likes napping or knitting or sitting under a tree reading a book or sketching the cat. I like wild, I like storms and thunder and twirling under the umbrella that whooshes inside out. I like the wind swooping hats away." 

Favorite line: "She can tame wild animals..." 

Favorite Line: My mommy hung the moon. She tied it with a string. My mommy's good at everything...She pours all the seas and sparkles each star. And then she collects one in my nightlight jar... 
And when she paints night so jet black and deep, my mother ship rocks me gently to sleep. 
I dream about how she gave me my start
I love my mommy with all of my heart
Then when I am asleep all safe in my next, my mom stays up and does all the rest." 

This book offers pages for your mother to fill out about herself. It gives you a great opportunity to learn things you never knew about her.

All of these books are available on Amazon and you could probably get them just in time for Mother's Day! 

Speaking of Mother's Day, please come back next week for 

Here's what we are planning! 

Mon. May 6- Mother's Famous Recipe Link up:  Share the best dish or dessert your mother made for you as a kid or the recipe your kids love for their mom to make them! 

Wed. May 8- Kids Say The Darnedest Things Link Up: How well do your kids know their mom? We'll give you fun questions to ask your kiddos about you and then you share their answers! 

Friday. May 10- Moms Take Over Link Up: Let your mom take over your blog day! Even if you do a weekly link up on Fridays, let your mom do it for you! Have her tell a funny story about when you were little or let her show off a craft! 

We may also have an exciting give a way at the end of the week for all of those you link up with us. 

It's going to be fun and a great way to Celebrate all those mommies out there!