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Hoping. Reading. Wearing. Making. Planning.

Currently I'm HOPING  that Mother Nature didn't just royally screw us out of Spring. It snowed on May 2 and now it's windy an 98 out. I just don't get it. I yearn for 70 and breezy, aka Spring Weather. Mother Nature is a schizo, at least in Missouri.

Currently I am READING book reviews for and I finished The Great Gatsby, which I also saw in theaters. Guys, go see it.  Yes, it's a little showy and yes the music that perfectly matches the eyebrow movements of Leo is a bit over the top but I swear, it's the best production I have seen in a lonnnng time. I was riveted. And the story is soooo good. The movie did a great job of bringing the attitudes and one liners to life. I really recommend going to see it! And of course, read the book before you go!

Currently, I'm WEARING stinky running shorts and a tee...but when I am not sporting work out gear I have been loving these tunics from Old Navy, I have them in two colors and really wish they made one in black. They are so light and airy!


And I'm also currently loving this coral dress and shoes I bought at Target, both under $30. Those shoes? I die. I never wear stuff like that but I can't get enough of them! I need to start planning to go places that will constitute wearing them! 

Currently, I am MAKING....changes. But more on that later...maybe... 

Currently I am PLANNING some DIY projects, including this gem: