Happy Mother's Day!

I am so excited to bring you this fun Link Up! 
We thought it would be fun for your moms to take over your blog for the day in honor of Mother's Day! 

So, without further adieu, I bring you my mom, my BFF, my superstar, Lisa! 
(I have to tell you about when I read her post. No one has ever went from laughing to crying so quickly!) 

Before I let her take over completely, I just have to tell you: 
After you read, head over to her bloggy blog, The Take 2 Review Chick. 
My mom is passionate about alot of things, (7.5 grandkids, huge family, job, hobbies, and more!)
But one of her biggest passions is the Big Screen. She's always caught up on the latest movies and even has a gig as a movie guru on our local news station every Thursday night. She even scores us seats in exclusive movie pre screenings (The Great Gatsby on Tuesday? Yeah I can die happy now!) 
So her blog has lots of great reviews on all the latest movies, go check it out! 

Here's my mama! 

Good Morning to my Sweet Jen’s Bliends! Let’s just start there – I steal cool phrases and
other hip things from my daughters and try to pass them off as my own. Most of the time
I can pull it off – other times it’s an epic fail (awww..catch that one too?)

My name is Lisa Chastain Erdman. I was born Lisa Anne Chastain, but through a series
of failed marriages, college research papers (one that changed the course of People
Magazine in 2002 and I am not even kidding) & knowing I am most certainly going to be
famous one day, I decided to drop the Anne and legally change my name to Lisa Chastain
Erdman. I did this without knowing Miss Jessica Chastain was about to take over the
world – so now it seems an even more brilliant move than originally planned. Hearing
“Chastain” in the same sentence as “The Nominees for Best Actress in a Leading Role
are” was like…..maj. (I stole that word from Rachel Zoe)

Mostly I talk about movies. I love movies. Jen is trying to teach me how to blog about
movies. I am terrible at it. I have no followers. But here is my blink (I made that one up
– or at least I think I did) www.take2reviewchick.blogspot.com.

I have no formal education, a super fun job, a nasty temper, a great sex life (much to
my daughters’ horror) & an unquenchable thirst for wine. (Lucky for me we live 5
miles from Windy Wine Company. Tell them I sent you – I get referral discounts). On
weekends I pretend to be a biker chick and attend raunchy bike rallies with my husband,
My true claim to fame, the jewel in my crown, and my reason for living: I am blessed to
be the Mamma to three amazing women.

These three ladies are not only my daughters, but they are truly my best friends. There
is no one else I would rather spend time with. Okay. Not true. Sometimes they drive
me crazy and I want to get as far away as possible…but MOST OF THE TIME, I love
spending time with them.

Jennifer Jo

Jessica Marie 

Tawni Raine

My “go-to” comments about the girls:

Random fan of my daughters’: Your girls are so wonderful. I just love them.
Me: Thank you. I have no idea how they survived me.

One of my daughters’ telling me about a problem with their S/O: I just don’t understand
why he has to be so (insert negative words here).
Me: First of all, NEVER take relationship advice from me. EVER. But, if I were you I

One of my daughters’ asking me any question relative to finances or money: I am
thinking about getting a top secret credit card to pay for my gambling QVC addiction
Me: First of all, NEVER take money advice from me. EVER. But, hell yes – you get
yourself that QVC Credit Card!!

Random fan of my daughters’: No way – you are not old enough to have daughters that
Me: I know. But remember, I grew up in Missouri. Having babies at 12 is NO BIG

Anyone saying anything negative about my daughters: (Well, I can’t think of a negative)
Me: I WILL SHOW NO MERCY!! I will de-friend you and tweet all kinds of clever
quotes totally aimed at making you feel shame. I will stop speaking to you. I may even
buy a voodoo doll…so tread carefully.

I am not sure if this is the “guest blog” Jen had in mind, so if it isn’t – just head on over
to my movie review blog and pretend I linked up from there.

I will close with a love letter to Jen.

Dear Jen,

I love you. You are a very brave soul. You will NEVER EVER walk alone – I will
always have your back. I am so proud of you and your determination. I am so proud
of your amazing writing skills, and I can’t wait to help you get your novel published.
(Speaking of this – be sure my office has a view of the timber when you build that
mansion) “A tiger doesn’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep” – always remember that,
my lovely.


See what I mean people? She's amazing. 

Oh, and P.S. I don't have a QVC shopping addiction....but don't ask me about OldNavy.com....

Remember, there are no rules, just link up and show off your mamas!! :)