Mission Complete: Blate Cherry Popping

I had a great weekend with the kids and a BLATE Brin & Mallory

First, the little Rs and I were in a parade for my mom's work
Check out the huge amount of gum R1 stole before the parade even started! 

Saturday I got a brisk walk in and alot of quality time with Jay & Daisy

And Sunday, was the ultimate Fun Day. 
I finally got to meet my BBFF and it was like meeting an old friend, like I had known her for years. 
Unless after meeting me she thinks I am a complete dork and too weird, in which case, she was okay. ;) But seriously. We shopped at Trader Joe's for booze and gluten free goodies, had Margaritas at Carlos O'Kellys and then met sweet, crazy Brin from Bold Butter Baby at the Macroni Grill for lunch. And Sangria, because, duh.

And then to top of an already perfect Sunday, I followed Brin to the Starbucks Drive Thru, where she paid for my Frappe. I mean, getting a Frappe is amaze-balls in the first place, so when the teller says "And your drink has already been paid for today," you just feel loved! 

Well played weekend, well played. 

Oh, one more thing. 
After learning a few lessons from Mal and Brin, who are like little Blog Army Smarty Pants, 
I decided to do only ONE link up day for 
Mother's Day, which will be this Friday, May 10, where you can let your mama take over your blog for the day and then link up here! 

Let her share a recipe, a craft or an embarrassing story of you when you were little! Anything goes! We just thought it would be fun to meet each other's moms!