My Weekend Shenanigans

First, this weekend was the one I have been looking forward to and planning for months! 
It was finally the time to celebrate my sister's baby bump, soon to be known in our family as Lucy Wynn! 
Her shower went off without a hitch, I wish everyday for my sister to smile everyday like she did during her shower. It was so wonderful to celebrate her and the little girl I love so much already! 

(Reading her baby book my mom gave her) 

Fish Face! 

Reese telling Aunt Jessie that she gave Lucy Goosey a dress just like her's! 

And then the rest of the weekend, I had the pleasure of shopping, lunch and ice cream with my two best friends: 

PLUS, I got to spend time with my mom and family at her house.
Meet my sister aunt, Aimee. She's technically my aunt, but we are close in age, humor and awesomeness, so I call her my sister :) 

My mom recently moved to a place out in the country that's practically next door to a winery.
I am just so sure that it had nothing to do with choosing the house...sha right...

When your afternoon looks like this, you really can't complain: 

And as always, we got in some quality time at the park....

Why oh why does it have to be Monday already?!