What am I currently up to? 

Eating & Drinking:  Lots of fresh veggies! There's a local farmer's market in my work parking lot every Tuesday morning, plus there's just something about veggies in the summer time! Also, I had my first martini! Granted, it was girlie alcohol with not much kick but it was  in a fancy glass,  so it totally still counts! 

Capturing: My kiddos in motion this summer. It's tough to keep up! 

 Releasing: Negative people, thoughts and doubts: 

Sending: A "welcome to your new home package" to one of my besties, who just moved across the country to start her new life as a wife and pharmacist and I am so proud and happy for her! 

Recommending: The Engagements by J. Courtney Sullivan

Reading: Redesigning Rose by my fellow Novel Escapes Reviewer (and creator of the site) Lydia Laceby. Redesigning Rose is the perfect girl power book and it's been so fun to read about a character is is going through alot of the same stuff that I am! Rose and the other characters in this book are so personable and fun! I SO would love for them to be real people I could have drinks with! 

Listening To: Josh Abbott Band featuring Kasey Musgraves: Oh, Tonight: 

Thinking About: How blessed I am to be in a truly happier place, where I am being myself and letting those who love me be close and those who don't...well just letting them go. 

Making a huge life change is like cleaning out your closet- you find the old pieces you have always loved but almost forgotten about and you get to purge the ones that you never really liked anyway. And on top of it all, you get to make way for more room for new things! 

Hap Hap Happy! 

A Tangled theme birthday party for Reese next weekend! I bought real life "floating lights" to release and I hope she feels just like Rapunzel! Plus, I am making a 20 foot long braid out of yarn for her cake table! 

What are you currently up to??