Wednesday's 4 Favorites

Happy Hump Day Friends! 
What are currently my 4 Favorite Things? 
Let's see! 

Gold Jewelry has made its debut in my collection and this week, I can't stop loving it! The necklace and bracelets are from Charming Charlie and the earrings were made by a friend!

Next? Probably these songs I've been listening to on repeat. Yes, yes I know they are more teeny than mid twenties girl, but I just can't help it. My good moods I've been in lately just need some upbeat tunes to go with them! :) 

My 3rd favorite is a recipe for a great summer salad! 
I had a blogger fail and haven't taken photos the last two times I've made it but just trust me, it's amazing! 

And last but not least, I can't stop starring at these beautiful things! 

It was so fun to think of this list! 

And next on my to do list is to GET BACK TO READING!
I have been slacking in the MOST EXTREME WAY.
It's just with moving, getting settled into my new place and having the kids, I've been a zombie each night when I crawl into bed, which is when I usually read! I am missing it so much so it's my goal to set some time aside to put my nose in a book! 

What are you reading right now?