Standing Firm: Great Advice from One Mom to Another

It's time for another edition of "I lost my mom marbles" today! 
Aren't you lucky that you get to read about my hair pulling, mother skill-doubting episodes? - Everyone's all like

Yesterday, I took the kids to the pool after work. 
I should have known better because R1 was tired and didn't even want to go in the first place. 
We get there during pool break so R2 plays in the baby pool until the whistle blows and I tell R2 to get her floaties on because we were going into the big pool. 
Enjoy the following scene: 

"Reese, put your floaties on,"
"No, princetheth don't wawah foatieth!"
"Remember our plan? You got to play in the baby pool and now it's Ryder's turn, let's go."
I reach for her. She runs away.
"Leab me awone! I want da baby pool! I don't want foatieth!" 

This is about the time I look up to see 2 sets of mother eyes on me, watching my every move. I tried 2 more times to convince her to come with us, even walking out of the baby pool area, bound and determined that she wasn't going to run the show. I even pepped talked myself "You are the boss, you are their mother, stay in control." 

And then I remember one of my best friends' similar situations with her kids. She always keeps her cool but stays firm in her punishments, even when they aren't ideal for her. I realized that it was time to leave the pool. R1 hadn't even gotten his feet wet yet and I knew he would be mad but I couldn't let R2 get away with yelling at me and refusing directions.

So I took a deep breath, picked R2 up, grabbed R1's hand and walked out of the pool. 

You would have thought I set fired to their toys, gave away their dog, said Santa wasn't real and Christmas was cancelled. Screaming. Kicking. Screeching. Snot flying. - Taking my children out in public is like playing Russian Roulette... Today I lost hard core

It was a hot mess.

I get home, take R2 to her room and wipe the sweat from my face. I felt like I had just ran a race with a big sweaty Sumo wrestler strapped to my back.

After I calmed down, I texted my friend.
She's like my "WWJD" bracelet, only for mom emergencies.

I told her about what happened and how much they screamed when I decided the best thing to do was just leave the pool. Even though I was the one who asked them if they wanted to go, I still felt like leaving was my only option after R2 acted so out of control.  She gave me great advice that I wanted to share with you, just in case you ever get the Sumo mom sweats like me.

"It's a learning moment for them. Always follow through. The fight is temporary but the lesson is forever! It definitely feels like we are punishing ourselves but it will be worth it in a few years when they know they can't push the limits!

She's so right and I am happy for the reminder!
So after a long talk with both children and bedtime, I did what any mother would do... - Drinking alone? No no, don't be silly. My children are asleep in the other room.