Weekend Shenannies

Sami's Shenanigans

Sum up my weekend shenannies in one word? FUN. 

Why? Well...

This Happened: I took my first ever #ootd pic at my mom's before going to my niece's dance recital!
Maxi skirt, cardie and vintage tee all from Old Navy and new jewelry from Charming Charlie

My mom and I took the kids to a family dairy farm that is literally 500 yards from my mom's house. Yes, my mom lives a hop, skip and a jump away from a dairy farm and a winery. She basically has the essentials at her fingertips!


We sampled lots of flavors, including Cotton Candy, Root Beer, Banana and Strawberry! Ryder picked out a bottle of banana, Reese chose strawberry and I got a bottle of coffee flavored milk, which tasted exactly like a Starbucks Frappe! SOOO yummy! I also picked up some cheese. 

It was such a cute store!

Saturday night ended they way lots of them should: a late night pizza and wine date with my mommy and watching Les Miz!  It was such a wonderful movie. I was skeptical at first because I am not into the awkwardness of people singing all the time, but I was RIVETED. 

This is what the ride home looked like. Peaceful with a capital DON'T WAKE THEM UP! 

I also started the weekend off right but doing something I've never done in my whole life.  Paying my own bills. It was exhilarating and a little scary at the same time but I am so proud of myself! These big girl pants are beginning to fit quite nicely! :) 

Sunday Ryder had T-ball practice so Reese and I hung out at the park. I had to snap pictures of her running around acting like Rapunzel. She was doing the scene in Tangled where she has just gotten out of the tower for the first time ever and is running around singing. She even grabbed grass and threw it up in the air just like in the movie...I think I have a dreamer on my hands!

Sunday night ended pretty perfectly and so I'm in a great mood and ready to tackle the week! Did you watch the season premiere of Keeping Up With The Ks? Why are they so fun to watch? Tonight's the premiere of Mistresses on ABC after The Hot Mess The Bachelorette. Do you love trash TV as much as me?

This weekend I get to shower my oldest BFF at her bridal shower, so there's lots to look forward to! 

Hope everyone else had a great weekend!