Happy Fourth of July!

Sami's Shenanigans

My Recipe for a Pretty Amazing Fourth Of July Weekend: 

  • Twelve fl. ounces of an adult beverage on a hot day
  • 3.5 feet of pool water plus a hand full of coins for a money dive
  • 3 cups of shaved ice and a splash of sno cone flavor
  • 1 sack race
  • 2 1st place ribbons
  • $8,000 worth of city fireworks
  • 15 ft of air filled velcro
  • $20 cheap fireworks
  • 1 lit punk
  • 16 oz. sunblock
  • Endless giggles and new sun-kissed freckles
  • Combine all and bake at 85 degrees on a Sunny Day! 
So there you have it! It was a pretty successful holiday if I do say so myself! There was one more exciting thing that happened but I am going to reserve another blog post for it to tell you all about the 5k race I ran over the weekend! :)