Holy Weekend Shenannies

Bringing you Monday's Weekend Shenannies with the one and only Sami face. Because the only thing better than having a great weekend is getting to photo dump it!
Surprisingly I am in a great mood for early on a Monday morning.
It's probably because it's no more than 60 degrees outside, it's raining and I slept with the windows open in the apartment last night. So peaceful! 

Ok, so on with what kept us busy this weekend: 

Sami's Shenanigans

Remember Friday when I complained about not wanting to do all the manly jobs around the house? Well, I found my solution! Why stress about car stuff when you have the world's greatest grandpa who gladly will do it for you? Seriously though, just in case anyone wants to have a competition, I have the best grandpa in the world. 

Then the kids went swimming and played with their cousins. My little sister spent the night with us, we had a carpet picnic ala McDonald's, watched Twilight and then called it a night. Now that's what I call a Friday!

Saturday, we hoped in the car and headed to my mom's house to see Miss Lucy Wynn! The kids hadn't met her yet and were so excited! All R2 cared about was getting to change her diaper! 

It was love at first sight for the kids. They had so many questions and were so happy to hold her. 

My grandma Terry and Aunt Aimee came for the day too! It was so wonderful to just lounge around, take turns holding the baby, telling funny stories and being together. It's not often when we can all get together and have nothing on the agenda but just relaxing and loving on the kiddos. It was so great to watch my sister and bro-in-law be parents. They are so peaceful and happy to be mommy and daddy and I am so proud of them! They are pros! 

During Lucy's naps, and later on in the day, we decided to put our party hats on. I got the kids some cheap air guns and R1 immediately went on the hunt for some targets. Naturally, he found beer and pop cans pretty quickly and sat up a shooting range in the back yard. Cheap entertainment! Then my mom did what she does best and provided a margarita & pina colada bar and things got funny.

 I mean, does your grandma bring a hoola hoop to parties and spend the rest of the night kicking everyone else's ass in hula'ing? (That's not a real word but if you saw my grandma shake her hips like I did, you'd understand why I just had to invent it.)  It's a good thing we got it on video for you to enjoy! :) 

Oh! And  my mom set my Aunt Aimee (second picture on the top left) up on a blind date and he was c.u.t.e! They hit it off and by the end of the night, it was clear we'd probably see him at Christmas. (Or maybe that was the margaritas, but still, I think he's a keeper!) 

Funny story ala R2: We were playing dolls on Saturday night. She likes to play "daycare" where she packs a diaper bag and drops her baby doll off with me, the daycare worker. Then she gets in her car and tells me how much she misses her baby. She hands me the baby doll and asks "Who's my baby's daddy?" And I told her he could be anyone she wanted as long as he had money. (I was obvs kidding kind of, but I didn't think it was time for the "pick your soul mate" talk just yet). She promptly replied, 

"But I have my OWN money!" 

That's my girl!! :) 

Oh! AND my sister took some family photos for us! 

And because I love the bloggy world so much, I decided to do a couple "blog inspired" pics. I needed a new "Welcome!" pic for my side bar and then decided to play around a little bit. I just had an urge to do a little "fashion blogger" pose and let me tell you, I felt like a dork! And I in no means try to pass off as a fashion blogger but they always look so damn cute and happy, so I decided to try it out! I felt like a complete dork but R1 was off to the side making me laugh with funny faces so it helped! 

So there you have it! 

Sunday was spent driving home, cleaning, hanging out at the pool and then lounging around! 

This week, there's not much going on at all! 
I hope to get lots of reading done, some book reviews finished up and enjoying this strange, cool weather we are having! 

Happy Monday friends!