I Shenaniganed This Weekend

Sami's Shenanigans

PHEW! Once again, thank you Sami for giving everyone such a fun way to recap our weekends!

I need a weekend to recoup from my weekend. But that's the sign of greatness, right?

First, I started out with an amazing dinner at a Lousianna Seafood place with friends. We intended to take a walk around downtown to find a bar for after dinner drinks and what else would we run into but a huge, random, hippy concert? Pretty typical, don't you think?  I'm pretty sure there was more pot in the area the entire series of The 70s Show. We're even convinced we witnessed someone shooting up. We had one beer, people watched long enough to feed our curiosity and high tailed it out of there before we got contact high. Concoincidently, my mom texted during the concert to say she was in town for a baseball game so we caught up with her and dad and my sister and her husband. I got to see my sis's babay belly probably for the last time until my niece arrives in the next 2 weeks!

 Saturday morning I woke up with the anticipation that I was showing up on this gal's blog:

The Daily Tay

You've probably heard of her, I think she's amazing, therefore, a pretty big deal.

Go check out our writing inspired Q&A

Speaking of writers, did you know Tay published an ironic "children's book" called "A Bottle For You, A Bottle For Me? (The title pretty much sums up my entire parenting experience thus far)

That's Reese and Ryder reading Taylor's book. There are a few choice words in it but I simply change them to something that makes them giggle and won't give the daycare worker a heart attack in case they repeat it. They like the baby butt picture the most! 

Saturday night it was time to celebrate one of my oldest friends' bachelorette parties. Sushi, martinis, flirting with waiters and lace. Pretty much your typical, awesome party. I loved meeting Steph's friends I hadn't met before, I can't wait to "bridesmaid" it up with them later this month!  It was a night to remember, for sure, highlighted by the fact that I drank a fish bowl that was bigger than my head!

The highlight of the evening was (well, there was a lot of them!) But one that sticks out: when our waiter, Collin, was taking our picture and he said the flash was doing something funny so I shouted, "Just take it all off, Collin!" Every one laughed at me so I played along with it and acted like I was referring to the flash... (wink, wink Collin, where ever you are).

And last but absolutely not least, we celebrated Little Reese Josephine's 3rd birthday on Sunday night.
(Come back Friday when I share a ton of photos for her official Birthday Post)
When your daughter loves Rapunzel as much as mine, it doesn't take much to throw a party she will love. It just takes a lot of purple, yellow string and a costume.

We also lit off some floating lanterns because they are a huge part of the movie Tangled. At one point when the lanterns were high up in the air, she ran after them because she wanted to follow them all the way to the King & Queen's castle.

At the beginning of the party she requested that I hold her up high so she could say something important. So I held her up and told everyone Reese had something to say and she instructed everyone to tell her "Happy Birthday!" and then said

"Welcome to my pahteee!!"

She also told a friend of her uncle's who drove by he was welcome to come to her party for some cake and ice cream but that he might have to go get a present and then come back.

She's my daughter all right!

Happy Monday friends!
It's easy to tackle Monday when you have such amazing memories of the weekend to look back on and the fact that I have a 4 day holiday weekend ahead!