One Year of Blogging: My Favorite Posts and A Thank You

What better occasion than a one year anniversary to take a little stroll down memory lane?

I told Allie Baby on Twitter today that I can't decide what's better, celebrating my blog or celebrating all of the wonderful people it has led me to. I've made some pretty amazing friends thanks to TWSR, plus, thanks to my book reviews and Twitter (before blogworld, I had 25 followers, now, that's increased by 1,002!) I have connected with the authors of the books I am reading, which would be like the tweens of America having direct Tweet convos with The Biebs in comparison.

 So, today I bring you the top posts I think of when I think about how much fun blogging has been for me. 

I can't help but notice that ever since I have started writing here, people around me mention that I am a little happier and more "myself" these days. I think it's because TWSR has given me a chance to rediscover me and what makes me tick. Creativity, connections and expressing myself have all led me back down the path to "Jen" and I couldn't be happier with where the road is taking me! 

Without further adieu, 

The post with the most hits and coincidentally, the most meaning for me. I love this post and it still holds true! 

Nothing like airing your dirty laundry for some page hits, huh? Just kidding. But really, I was blown away by the kind words and support I recieved from this post and made some awesome connections with people going through the same thing, so it was totally worth sharing! Even though it was scary to talk about something so personal, it really helped and it was a great exercise in putting true emotions into written words.

I love that one of my favorite things to do has turned into a top 5 post. I love recommending books and finding the next upcoming read to share on my blog!

*Gone Girl*

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn was the first review I ever did and really the whole reason I started this blog. I loved the book so much and couldn't wait to tell everyone I knew about it. I still recommend it anytime anyone asks what to read next! 

*Fifty Shades of Eh*

Yes, I am one in the 50 billion women who read all of the Fifty Trilogy books. I didn't mind them either, there were definitely some memorable parts! But I just couldn't take it seriously enough to give it a good review!

*Chanel Bonfire*

Another book I regularly recommend, written by my Twitter buddy Wendy Lawless. I have these dreams of finally getting the guts to message her and ask for her guidance on finally starting my own book that's been swimming in my head for years now.

*The Fault In Our Stars*

This book was just too good not to share again. Read it! 

*Redesigning Rose*

I love this review because it meant alot for me to review a book by an author I've met and know personally through blogging. Lydia is a sweetheart and an amazing writer and I feel blessed to have met her and review her great book!

That one post where I admit that I think it's funny my 2 year old cussed like a sailor. 

That one post where I introduce the term "mom sweats" and had to drag my children out of the swimming pool.

That one post where I share "The Quoteable Kid" book, a place to write down all of the crazy, funny things your children say! I also share some of the unforgettable blurbs that come out of my children's mouths. 

That one post where I have the funniest conversations with my son and how even though he really did poop his pants at age 5, I couldn't even begin to get mad at him. 

So there you have it. 

Thanks to everyone and whoever is reading this for giving me the gift of this blog. (It's half me writing it and half you, because if no one read it, this would just be awkward). 

Thank you for this gift that I cherish so much, every day! Cheers to many more years!