Remember That One Time?

This is the first edition of random posts I am going to call "Remember that One Time" which is something I randomly say when I have a totally off subject thing I want to tell my family and friends. It's now spilled over onto Twitter so I thought, what the hay, I might as well make a thing out of it! Once in a while I just have a shmorgishborg smorgasbord (I liked my first attempt better, but thanks spellcheck) of things I need to tell you about! 

Let's start with what happened last week on the Fourth of July! 

Remember that time I ran a 5k!? 

I've only ran one other 5k, 3 years ago. This time, I was bound and determined to get it DONE. For all you hardcore runners out there, I'm jealous and I love you but please skip this next part so I can save face when I tell how long it took me to run the race because I am sure you would trample me! 
But for those of you non runners, just assume that these times are speedy as hell and be impressed. 

This January, I started running on the dreadmill at work. Couldn't even walk for 30 minutes at 2.5 mph without getting winded. 

I didn't have a big goal for the race, just to finish it without stopping. But I did note that the fastest mile I had ran to date was about 13:33. 

The race had a great tracking system that logged your pace, time and rank. 

At the end of the race (I may or may not have teared up when I saw the finish line) I read in shock my pace: 

12:27 per mile. 
6th place in my age group 


Who is this chick and what did she do to the lump on a log from 9 months ago? 
It just took a couple good reasons, a new attitude and visions of strapless dresses in my future
(Plus I had to lay off the red wine and cookies for breakfast routine)

Want to know the song that kept me going through out the whole race? 

Feel Again by One Republic on Grooveshark
(also, you can thank Yogo Pants Whit for bringing so many great tunes to blogworld today)

And now, without further adeiu, I bring you the biggest, brightest news to come my way in quite a while...
Remember That One Time I became AUNT JENNI for the first time?? 

Guys. I just can't. 
I can't take how much I love her already. 
I cried like a bawl bag when I first saw her.
It was amazing to see my sister become this whole new person...a mommy. 
Jessica did amazing...she started pushing a 6:30 and Lucy breezed into the world at 7:01 p.m.
It's like I've met my new best friend. 
How can you love someone so much you've just met? 
(name that movie and I'll love you forever)
Being there for her birth raced to one of the Top 10 Top 3 moments of my life.

You may have seen a couple of my pics last night on Insta. I've never been so excited while ordering Panera Bread in my life. That poor worker thought I was tearing up over the Chipolte Chicken panini but all I really wanted was to show him a picture of my niece. 
These are the faces my younger sister Tawni and I wore pretty much the entire day: 

I'm telling you what, if you don't have one already, go out there and get you one of those nieces. You won't regret it! 
Also, my lil sis mentioned this little nugget:
"If you have multiple nieces and nephews, you should combine them and call them your 
Like plural siblings, only with n, get it?
Well, I thought it was genius so we're going to start a trend. Write it down. 

Oh and btw 
Here's a super sweet video my sister made last week before Lucy was born. I listened to this song the entire way home from the hospital...

So those are a couple of the reasons I am on Cloud Ten right now.

This weekend will feature a couple drinks, a new hair do and more cuddles with Lucy the Nibling so you can probs count on a pretty awesome photo dump for weekend shenannies on Monday