Wedding Blitz

Gosh, I don't even know how to start this post! I think I will just photo dump and randomly tell you about moments that stick out in my memory this most. 

First, my favorite part was getting to spend the entire weekend with my favorite people and oldest friends.

Left: The beautiful bride, Stephanie. Her dress? Perfection! It was so beautiful and unique! 
Right: Morgan, aka the girl who has known me since 4th grade and still puts up with me. (God love her)

 The magic of make up :) 

There was more champagne and hair spray in the bridal suite than an episode of KUWTK! 

Rehearsal Dinner Bling: 

 Here's a view of where the ceremony was held from my hotel room: 

Rehearsal Dinner: After 10:00 p.m. gets a little hazy but there was definitely a stop at a bar called "Eat The Worm" on the way back to the hotel from dinner. Good thing I took pictures. 

And then the actual wedding and reception. Pure perfection. Stephanie's cheeks should be aching today thanks to all the smiles and laughter! She had a blast and my calves are still sore from all the dancing! 

I will go on the record and say I got paired with the best groomsman in the bunch. Did we use my bouquet as a football when we got introduced into the reception? You bet we did! Did he hike it to me and then catch the perfect hydrangea spiral throw? You know it! #weddingpartywin

Oh! Stephanie asked me to do an impromptu speech. My heart skipped a thousand beats. Mostly because I was nervous. Who am I kidding. Mostly, because I had secretly been hoping she would ask! I had a speech idea in my head for MONTHS! Thankfully,  I got some advice from my girl Taylor! 

So, I have the speech on video. If I get enough guts and am feeling like I want to be embarrassed, I may entertain you by posting it. Maybe. 

Had to share this this random chick decided to take a selfie on my phone:

So there you have it friends! A weekend for the books. I'll be talking about it for quite a while! 

As always, this weekend wrap up is brought to you by the wonderful: 

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