An Ode To StoryPeople and Some Original Work

I want to introduce you to StoryPeople today. (There's a chance you've seen me talk about StoryPeople before here). Because if there's a person out there in the world who doesn't know about Brian Andreas and the amazing stories and artwork that he creates, well, it would just be a shame. As an obsessed fan of Brian and StoryPeople I feel like it's my duty to spread the word.

I first discovered a StoryPeople book in the student union at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln my freshmen year in 2004. I remember opening it, reading the first lines and just sinking to the floor and reading it right then and there. I've been hooked ever since.

 Here are some of my favorites:

I get my StoryPeople fix by reading the books I own, getting one sent to my email every day and following Brian Andreas on Instagram and Twitter

And yes I realize I sound like a stalker and I assure you, I totally am. am not. I just really am inspired and connect with the stories he tells. Sometimes I feel like he's the one stalking ME because his writing is freakishly parallel to my feelings. So imagine the look on my face when, after commenting on one of his Instagram photos (shown on the right), Brian responded to me. And, not only did he respond, he called me "J". Swoon: 

"If you're not making spectacular mistakes, you're missing out on some of the greatest stories of your life..."

AND we're basically Twitter buddies: 

If you don't think I sat, stunned, staring at the computer screen when those tweets were happening, you'd be crazy. Reading StoryPeople is like reading the stories that are already written in my heart, just like Brian said. I can't stop the words once they come out of my pen or my fingertips on the keyboards. Sometimes I don't even know what's happening and then I look at the screen or the paper and stare, as if I am meeting them for the first time. 

So now, I want to share with you what happens whenever I start to feel the tingle of emotions form words and my fingers start to literally tingle and I just sit down and write. I find that often times, after reading StoryPeople in the books, calendars and prints I have hanging on my walls, and from my diary entries or when something emotionally taxing happens (which is ALOT), words just happen.

 So here are some my writings, if you will. Enjoy! 

I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing. Being inspired by StoryPeople has been such a blessing to the writer inside of my and I can only hope it happens again and again! 

This has been another edition of