Dinner Conversation Starters with my Kidlets

Ever wonder what it's like to talk about something other than farts, boogers and butt cracks over dinner? 
Oh, that's just in my household? Awesome, 
I was hoping we were totally normal. 
Anyhooters, just in case there are others out there, (don't worry, I was ashamed to admit it too, at first)
I thought I would share a little idear I had tonight on how to generate good conversation at the dinner table.
Now, granted, my dinner dates are a robust, 110% all boy 5-year-old and a talkative, precocious 3-year-old prima princess, so I know the conversation isn't going to go much further than num chucks and sparkles, but still, I wanted to give it a shot. 

Thanks to a great little link up called The Peak and The Pit, a while back we got into the habit of sharing our own Pit and Peaks at the dinner table. In the craziness of summer, moving and eating picnic style, we've kind of fall off the conversation wagon at the dinner table. But with school starting next week and us trying to get into a new normal routine, I thought it might be time to head back into the direction of calm, constructive dinner time conversation.  

So tonight I sat down and made something to hang by the table to help jump start some positive conversation! 

Earlier this week,I picked out this really easy to use vinyl sticker collection at Soap.com:

It's a really easy to use vinyl collection that is light weight and very easy to move around. I really like the corkboard! I hung the two calendars on my refridgerator and saved the white board and corkboard sections for my conversation project. 

Then, I grabbed a couple pieces of scrapbook paper, stamps and markers and jotted down what I thought would be good conversation starters for the kidlets. 

Here's what I came up with: 

Can you spot witch PostIt Ryder contributed? :) 

I had the last minute idea of making a acronym for "Be Polite" because I felt like brainstorming different ways for us to be polite would always be a great conversation starter too. I want my kids to learn there are way more ways than just saying "please" and "thank you."

Here are some prints I made with the questions an the Be Polite acronym: 

So what goes on at your dinner table?