Friday Favorites: My Childhood/Teenage Favorites, Book Edition

Happy Friday! 

Today, I am sharing my favorite childhood books. 
Lydia Laceby, who you may remember is the author of Redesigning Rose ( a great book I reviewed here)
is counting down hers, so check her list out too!  

I had quite the bookworm problem when I was a kid. Somewhere my mom has a picture of me secretly hidden in my closet fast asleep. I had wedged myself inside so that I could turn on the light and read into the wee hours of the morning undetected. 

From about third to fifth grade, I read all of the classic American Girl books. My favorite was Kirsten and Addy. I also have a picture somewhere of my screaming with glee when I unwrapped an Addy doll one Christmas. I read one of the Molly books in a day, no problem. I can't wait to reread them with Reese one day soon! 

I also loved: 

In my tweenie bopper years, I started out innocent: 

And then eventually I went for the hard stuff: 

If you didn't read any V.C. Andrews as a tween, there's a good chance your mother is slightly relieved. And your brother is too, probably. There is alot of weird stuff going on in these stories but it was SOOO good when I was younger. Family secrets, mothers who are long gone, brothers who are hot and then turn out not to be your brother so you can hook up, you know, the usual. I also fully believed any day someone was going to show up and tell me I was really an orphan who had just inherited a mansion in the bayou. Real literary genius here, people.  My favorites were probably the Flowers in the Attic series because they were just so OUT THERE and the Ruby series was really good too. I read a ton of V.C. Andrews! 

Other books that I remember pretty vividly: 

And as I am recalling all of these books, I realized I had an affinity for topics that were slightly too mature for a teenager to be reading... 

Which may account for some of my escapades senior year, but that's an entirely different post! 

What were your favorite reads as a teen?