Shark Uterus, Freakish Mer Humans and A Jam.

Things I learned last night while having beer with friends.

Usually, anything listed after a sentence that starts like that is going to be epic. However, there's a good chance that all of the things that I thought were brilliantly funny last night are in fact not as funny in the day light, but hey, you never know, right? 

First. It's shark week. 
What's the scariest lethal shark out there? 
I yelled out Great White.
Apparently there is a freak shark out there called the "Cookie Cutter" 
Harmless right? WRONG. 

Apparently this thing just cruises the ocean ways, dives in, takes out sugar cookie holes from whatever body part it wants and moves on. 
THIS is why you won't find this girl hanging out with Scuba Steve anytime soon. 

And also? 
Mermaids are real.

Only they don't look like Ariel. I'll never look at her cute shell bikini top the same way again. 
Well played,  Discovery Channel, well played. 

Speaking of scary things with vicious teeth and tempers, we also talked about women on their periods.
PMS is now otherwise known as Shark Week because of this handy like diagram:

Asked whether or not the resemblance between a shark brain and a uterus were twins was a coincidence, every man in American responded " HAIL NO." 

This weekend, you will find me cuddling with this angel 

(Aunt Jenni is coming for you Little Miss Sunshine!)

AND I am getting my froyo cherry popped and eating fried pb&j on a stick (like a BOSS)  with  THE Miss Bold Butter Baby herself!! 
We're about to make the Lincoln, NE RibFest 2013 our bitch. 

Don't look at me with that stink eye! I know you're jealous and I can't blame you! 

So that's all I have for you on this random Friday. 

Except for this one little musical nugget. 
You can thank my high school buddy on Twitter for telling me she referenced this song to a co-worker and the toddler had no idea what she was talking about. Made me feel like an oldie. (but a goodie). 

Jen, out.