The One Where Ryder Goes to Kindergarten

My son starts Kindergarten tomorrow. How did that happen? I started to get sad about it last week and so I decided to ask him about it. I should have known that his answers would cheer me up and make me smile: 

Me: What is kindergarten?
Ryder: You literally don't know what Kindergarten is? It's school.
Me: What do you do there?
Ryder: You work.
Me: What do you learn?
Ryder: Basically nothing.  I want to learn how to read. I can kind of read Hop on Pop. 

See? It's so not as big of a deal to him as it is to me. His milestones continue to be monumental moments in my life and I know they will continue to be but this one feels like something I can't quite put my arms around. 

Wasn't it just yesterday we were here? 

Wasn't it just yesterday we were here? 

As I prepare for Wednesday, there are a lot of things going on in my mind.

  • Do I have water proof mascara? 
  • Will he ever want to even come home after having fun in school?
  • What if he cusses and everyone knows that I must have a potty mouth? 
  • Should he know how to tie his shoes by now?
  • What if another kid makes him sad or feel left out?

But every time I think about those things, I am instantly watching mental pictures of his bravery and tenacity in my mind.

I am so lucky that Ryder is our son. 
I am so honored to be his mom. 
I am so proud of his brain, his heart, his passion. 
I can't wait for Kindergarten to open his imagination even further and take him on new adventures! 

To cheer me up, I also focused on the more exciting things about going to school, like the smell of new crayons and new clothes. 
Apparently neon green is in this year according to R1 because that's the color he picks out alot! 

Back To School
I made a little checklist of the things I want to document with Ryder before he becomes a part of the real world. I have the scrap book essentials ready to go too! ( I bought them when he was like, 2, in preparation for this! ) 

Wish me luck. If you need me, I will be the blubbering, crying mess at the cross walk  using all of the Kleenex my kid was supposed to bring with his school supplies....