Weekend Shenannies

Another edition of Weekend Shenanigans! 

My Recipe for a chill, kid filled, donut-fueled weekend: 

1. Tacos in the park with the kiddos. 
2. Pool time, even though it was pretty chilly for August! 
3. & 4. Craft time! We went to my friends house, the kids all played and we made felt flower magnets and I put together this cute birds' nest necklace charm! 
5. Lots and lots of cuddles and playtime with this cutie patootie! 
6. Selfie. I can't look too closely at it without feeling like a complete dork for taking it but I also still can't get over the lack of rolls. Who is this chick? It felt good to wear yoga pants without feeling like an imposter and instead feeling like someone who could pass for a girl who might actually be physically able to DO yoga! 
7. Friends was on! Not only was Friends on, but it was the one where Rachel and Ross kiss in the Central Perk and it's raining and the doors are locked. BEST. EPISODE. EVER. 
8.  Sunday morning donut run for the kiddos. There's just something about letting my kids go to Casey's in their pjs that makes them giggle and carry on, it is so so cute! A long john for R1 and a chocolate frosted cake donut with sprinkles for R2 plus a jumbo fountain Diet Pepsi for me and we were set for our Sunday couch day! 

All in all, a pretty calm weekend. I mananaged to do alot of writing as well, which I think I am going to share this week in another edition of "That's What She Wrote." 
Also, want to guess what's happening this coming weekend? A blate with this chick: 

I know, I know, you're totes jelly. I would be too.
PLUS I get to see my love, Lucy Wynn. 

Happy Monday, Friends, let's make this week our biatch. 

Sami's Shenanigans