It's the little things, like being totally random

Random little things that make me happy:

  • The first 10 pages of a magazine
  • Smart Water, ice cold
  • Crushing Candy
  • A perfectly snug fit of a new pair of shoes 
  • Writing down my emotions and having them come out in the form of a short story
  • Reading in complete silence
  • Relief from bug bites
  • A great parking spot 
  • Finding quarters
  • Being surprised with a Diet Pepsi
  • The feeling AFTER running 
  • A new finger nail paint job with no smudges
  • Having no plans on a Saturday (couch potatoing)
  • Making up new words like potatoing.

  • Seeing things like this: 

  • Having conversations with my son like this: 

"Ryder, tomorrow you get to stay an extra hour at kindergarten for tutoring with your teacher."

"Tutoring?What, does it smell bad there or something?"


"Is that why they call it "tooooot ering? Because it smells like farts there?"

"Yes, Ryder, that is exactly what it means."

"Cool, yeah, I'll go," 

  • Telling Reese to show off her new outfit and taking this picture: 

  • Ryder photobombing pictures

  • Trying to figure out why whoever wrote "American Girl" by Bonnie McKee thought of the most random lyrics: 

"I was raised by a television
Every day is a competition 
Put the key in my ignition"

There's just not enough transition between envisioning an 8 year old me watching too much Full House and someone asking for sex. Unless she really is asking someone to start her car for her. In which case, I still don't get it. 

Speaking of sexual thoughts, guess who gets to see this movie on Tuesday? 

What's cooler? That we get to screen this before it comes out to the masses in theaters? Or that my sister and I are going to it with our mother to celebrate her birthday? All of it. Or none of it, I guess, as long as I get to watch Joseph Gordon Levitt talk about porn for 2 hours. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. 

So there you have it, friends. Thanks for sticking with me on this random Thursday.