Long Weekend Shenannies

Well Well Well, what do we have here? A day I actually have to go to work? I forgot what that's like! What is it about a 4 day weekend that completely wipes my memory clear of how to get up early, actually do something with my hair and get to work?

Probably because it's busy recovering from the 4 day kid, friends and food fest that we had so much with this weekend. 

Our Labor Day Weekend looked like this: 

Star gazing in the grass....

A LOT of Legos. I mean, a lot. I made a pretty impressive boat. And then, as narrated by R1,  Hulk's arm's got lost in the ocean and we had to send scuba divers in after it. But don't worry, we had a water proof web from Spiderman who was able to find it in the depths of the sea. Oh ya, and our super spy boat had a "GPS system appabase"  so we could see the ocean floor. 

The food this weekend looked like this: Grilled chicken wings that were amazing! 

Plus a winning salad that goes like this: 

2 cans of corn, drained,
1 green pepper, diced up
1 red onion, diced up
1 bag Frito's Honey BBQ Twist chips, crushed
1 cup of mayo
1 package of taco seasoning
A sprinkle or palmful of sugar. 
Mix those last 3 ingredients together and then toss it in with the rest. 

Money, honey.

And also, these beauties I totally made up. 
A block of cream cheese
A dry packet of Ranch seasoning
A can of green chilies
2 packages of crescent rolls. 

We decided the filling was so good we could mix with plain yogurt or sour cream for a dip that would be amazing in a bread bowl! 

So I'd give the food a 10 for the weekend for sure!  Not to mention my sister made our favorite "rice with cheese" dish from when we were kids plus we had Casey's pizza. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. 

We went on a walk that looked like this: 

This was before the ill fated lost phone, but after the flat tire. (It wasn't a "walk in the park" but we survived) 

Mostly because we had this gorgeous girl with us: 

I mean, perfect right ? Except I don't know how people have more that 2 kids. I am pretty sure my kids could have used an extra bath or meal this weekend but I just couldn't keep up! 
Good thing my sister was in and out all weekend and my soul sister friend Emily came over for a little bit so I could shower.  Kids are hard work! 

I managed to sneak away from the kid fest for a bit to go golfing with my work friends .
So much fun. Sooo many laughs. Not so much good golfing though. I definitely need practice. It doesn't help that I just realized as an adult that this is what real golf looks like and putt putt isn't an original concept. Which would explain the divots, lost balls and complete misses that were witnessed when I hit the course. Watch out, Tiger, here I come. 

Oh! And I had a couple hot dates this weekend!

 I was a little worried when they showed up at my door wearing costumes, but I can't blame them for trying to stand out: 

One of my dates even took me for an airplane ride. 

And of course, there were tons of cuddles. 

Oh, and wine of course. With my sister over for the weekend, there wasn't a cheap bottle of Moscato or funny YouTube video that went untouched! 

I'm exhausted and ready for the work week just so that I can prove I still know how to know do my make up and dress in business-y attire.  Back to the grind! 

This week I have a couple posts planned, which makes me feel better since I only one last week, I lost my mojo but I am back I promise!  Plus I recovered 2 Rubbermaid containers full of fall decor and it's chilly outside so bring on the autumn decorations! 

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