Nashville Recap

I really liked Nashville last night! Because of R2's gymnastics, I missed most of Modern Family so all I can really share are my thoughts on Nashville. 

Things that bugged me: 

Why do they have to put in the gay storyline? It's not even important to the story or believable for that matter? That guy isn't any more gay than the Situation. (Don't think you don't think about it).

Two, so predictable that Peggy would tell Teddy she was still pregnant. Called it. Can you say Rielle Hunter?

Also, hospital room scenes on TV always seem way too fake to me. 

And lastly, can we just get rid of Avery already? Or at least his voice. Or his hair. 

BUT there were a lot of great parts that make Nashville my favorite show, hands down. 

For one, the clothes. I loved the dress Juliette wore! Plus I thought country bumpkin Scarlett was a little more hip and a little less home on the range this season, thank Heidi Klumness. 

My favorite part were the flashbacks of Deacon and Rayna. How did they make them look so young again!? I guess I look like I am 12 again with no eye liner and no foundation to cover up my freckles too, come to think of it. I loved getting so much back story for Deacon and Rayna, since there was practically none of it in the first season. It makes you realize why she hid that she was pregnant.

Overall, the musical performances are my favorite part of the show, double points if it's Rayna's daughters. Those girls are amazing. reports that the girls will see a lot more screen time this season, so that's good news! 

I'm also looking forward to Juliette's new rival that will come on next week. They are shaking things up a bit! Juliette's my favorite even though she is the she devil counter part to Taylor Swift. But just like Tay Tay, you love to hate her and you hate to love her.

Did you watch?! YOU TOTALLY SHOULD if you haven't already! What shows are you pumped about this season?