Ryder's Favorite Books Lately

An exciting thing has been happening in the last couple of weeks.
I am so thrilled to discover that my love for reading looks as if its found its way into my son's heart as well.

He loves him some Hop on Pop by Dr. Suess. There is no greater joy than hearing him read it to me from his car seat as I drive.

Currently, we are on book #5 of the Magic Treehouse Series, written by Mary Pope Osborne. We read a few chapters every night and even Reese loves them! The first book was about dinosaurs and Ryder is enthralled!

Can you imagine the perfectness of  after reading about dinosaurs in the books and discovering these on Ryder's field trip at the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo!?

Well played, Henry Doorly, well played! 

Another book we really fell in love with was Spartan and the Green Egg: A Trip To The Rainforest by Nabila Khshoggi. 

It's a great story written in the fast paced style of a comic book that kept Ryder's attention. Each page is packed full of great graphics and images. As an added bonus, the book's website has a great interactive element where you can Google Earth all of the places in the book, which Ryder thought was really cool! 

Another great thing about the book is the great message about nature, the Amazon, animals and friendships. 

When I searched for more information about the author and her book, I found this really great video that gives you an inside look about the adventure and message inside the story 

What books are your kids reading and loving right now? 

*Thank you to Nabila Khshoggi. for a copy of Spartan and The Green Egg. I recieved this copy an exchange for a book review, all opinions are Ryder and I's own.