Weekend Awesomeness

Sami's Shenanigans

Who's ready for my favorite post of the week? Monday's Weekend Wrap Up is great because A) I get to brag about how much fun I had and B) I get to relive my weekend without going through the hangovers, early mornings or exhaustion that usually come with them! Take that Monday! 

Anyhooters, this weekend was pretty much greatness. 
What does a great weekend look like? For starters, a great blog link up and a fantastic date night (or 2) PLUS a lunch date with my mom and a sleepover with Mom,  the always entertaining Grandma Terry, cupcakes and the best little bundle of Lucy Wynn. You really just can't go wrong. PLUS the top right is a snapshot of Wendy Lawless, Author of Chanel Bonfire and JoJo Moyes, author of Me Before You, BOTH RETWEETING and complimenting my review of JoJo's book that I posted for the Blogger Book Club on Friday! (that's a book reviewer's dreamboat, people).

Add in a little Instagram love and you get more snuggles, coffee and the heavenly margarita that was bigger than my face. 

Sunday wrapped up with a birthday party and couch time with Olivia Pope. Just once in my life I want the opportunity to give a speech like Olivia Pope. With her lips. And curls for that matter. She's the shit. Kickin' ass and takin' names that girl. 

That's all for the weekend, folks. Check back this week for more info about the "That's What She Wrote" Short Story link up coming soon!