A Pink Cow and A Fancy Zebra: A Halloween Give A Way

So, shall we combine a couple of my favorite things and make a post out of it? 
Don't mind if I do! 

First we have a link up. Please note I only like other people's link ups because my own never seem to have that much luck. Ha. BUT when people like Sarah and Helene grace things with their golden touch, you know you have to tag along. When I saw they were doing a link up for anything Halloween related, I couldn't wait to show off the cuteness that is Reese's costume. 

Venus Trapped in Mars

Which brings me to another one of my favorite things: My 3 year old. 
She's spunky, smart and cute. Plus she's got these perfect little bird legs that look great in leggings. (is it okay to be jealous of a toddler?)  Just tonight I heard her tell her Ariel doll to relax because Prince Eric was actually a mermaid too so everything was going to be alright. See what I mean? This girl, she's after my own heart. Every day. So I do what any mom would do with their adorable daughter. I dress her up in ridiculous clothes. So imagine my delight when she tells me she wants to be "Fancy Zebra" for Halloween. Challenge accepted. 

I headed to Hobby Lobby first for elastic and black, white and hot pink zebra print tulle. With an elastic band, I made her a tutu, then ordered ears and a tail from Amazon. I was almost finished but needed something extra to send it over the top of the cuteness scale. 

And then in walks Kari from Pink Cow Mootique. And by walks I mean in walks her ad swap on my blog. As I clicked over to her Etsy Shop and browsed the adorable bows in her boutique, I knew she was the one who could help me take my zebra up a notch to "fancy." We clicked from the beginning and over a fury of excited emails Kari had a bow made up for my zebra and had it in the mail in no time flat. She takes "custom" order to a whole new level and was so wonderfully sweet and nice to work with! 

So here she is, in all over her "Fancy Zebra" glory, thanks to Kari's amazing bow making skills, a little Hobby Lobby magic and a seriously sweet little 3 year old: 

I can't stand the cuteness. It'll be even better when she brings me home Milky Ways and Tootie Fruities next Thursday, too. Speaking of free treats, I've got a surprise for you! Kari is not only a great blogger, mom (of twins!) and an obviously talented crafter but she's also seriously sweet! Which is why she is giving away one of my readers a bow of their own! 

And be sure you stop by Kari's Blog to say hi! Tell her Reese the Fancy Zebra sent you :)

I've dabbled in some crafts myself, and even tossed around the idea of opening my on Etsy shop so I picked Kari's brain a little to learn more about her and to see what advice she has to give about Etsy and how to juggle it all! She had some really good points: 

1.  My name is Kari!  First, and foremost, I am a child of God.  My faith is very important to me, and I give ALL my thanks to God for blessing me in more ways than I deserve.  I am a high school science teacher, with a dream of having a successful handmade shop!  I have always loved crafting and giving handmade gifts, versus store bought gifts.  My mother instilled this in me at a very young age.  

I am the mother of 2 1/2 year old twin girls (adorable) and have been married to my high school sweetheart for almost 8 years!!  They are truly the light of my life and my inspiration for all things handmade!  I am also teaching my girls that handmade gifts are so special.

When they were born, my mother in law and I became so close and really started turning gears for our handmade shop.  She is a master at sewing/creating items.  Over the past two years, our focus has shifted towards boutique style hair bows.  We have many other things in the works which we will be launching as soon as possible!  (A plus is having some really cute models!! :))

2.  Juggle.  Thats the key word!  Work, Mom, Etsy shop, blog…Its all a juggle!  I am so lucky to have so much family.  We have more help than we need with the twins.  This is a huge help with maintaining a handmade shop.  I also have the best girls in the world (maybe I am biased)…so I can blog, answer questions, make bows, package items, etc. while the girls are playing!  

I am also a night owl by default, so a lot of my 'work' gets done after 9pm.  This makes for rough mornings (ha!) but I truly come to life at 9pm!

3.  My main piece of advice to give to an Etsy Shop owner is to be patient.  While I would love to 'make it big' over night, I also know it takes time.  I 'introduce' myself to a lot of bloggers and have given away a lot of bows.  It is important to 'get your name out there' as much as possible!  So, research and create relationships with people who can use your item(s)!!!  Also, obtain any social media items possible (twitter, instagram, blogger, Facebook, etc.)!!

Thanks so much Kari! Now for the icing on the cake! 

Enter here to win something from Pink Mootique! 

Happy Halloween, friends! 

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